Quick and Simple Tricks for Whitening Your Teeth

Have you noticed over the years how your teeth don't look as dazzling and white as they once did?

Well, you're joining millions of UK citizens who are on exactly the same journey.

Teeth Whitening over recent years has become a fast and easy way to get back your young looking bright smile.

The BIG question is - what's the most effective way of whitening your teeth? 

Well, hopefully we're going to help you with the most sought after answer here. We'll look together at the most effective home remedies and professional teeth whitening treatment available on the market right now.

Let's first look at professional teeth whitening

There are various ways of undergoing professional teeth whitening treatment

You can simply pop along to your local dentist and pick up a home kit (£250+), or undergo laser teeth whitening (£300+) to help you achieve a younger looking whiter smile again.

The dental home kits are normally conducted over a 6 week period and comprise of a whitening gel and gumshield for you to apply yourself at home. You can also book in mobile teeth whitening services to your home address which makes the whole teeth whitening experience very easy and much more cost effective.

With the latest whitening technology now out on the market then millions of people now opt for the dental laser treatment methods to help achieve a great result in just one hour.

Whichever options you choose when it comes to professional teeth whitening treatment make sure you weigh up the costs with different providers and check out the reviews to see what others have experienced.

Tricks for home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening has become extremely popular as well over the recent years.

When watching your favourite Reality TV show or latest Hollywood movie and you see the lovely glistening smiles that the actors and models display, then it gets everyone's minds ticking on how they can get the same smiles they're viewing on screen

Here's a list of the quick fixes you can do at home yourself.

  • whitening tooth paste
  • brushing with baking soda
  • turmeric
  • teeth whitening home kits
  • strips
  • gel and gumshield
The best way to know if they work is try them out. Always, be aware though that too much of one thing everyday can damage the enamel and have a negative result on the whitening process.

For example, if you brush with baking soda everyday then you can risk damaging your teeth, so the popular recommendations are only once or twice a week to get rid of the surface stains.

How are teeth stains caused

Although, teeth staining can naturally come with age there is also a big life style factor to take into consideration.

These depend on 3 main factors; what you eat, what you drink and whether you smoke.

Foods that can stain your teeth would be things like curries, beetroot, bolognaise sauces, gravy etc.

Drinks that would stain your teeth would be tea, coffee and cola.

Of course, due to the tar in cigarettes this can latch on to the outside of your teeth and stain them over time. 

You only have to look at the end of a cigarette but after a smoke to see the yellow stains build up! A better option maybe to opt for an e-cigarette which doesn't contain the high staining products or better still quit altogether.

Whichever you decide, whether to go for professional teeth whitening or have a go your self at home, just remember to look after your teeth. Health and safety need to be a top priority. Always seek professional medical advice when you have a deep desire to get achieving a whiter smile!

Start your own teeth whitening business

Have you ever thought about setting up a teeth whitening business yourself? then always review the providers to make sure you get the best training and support, as well as top quality laser equipment.